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New Libri Press

SINCE 2010

Big or small we can shepherd your project to completion!


Our Publishing Services


We can take a mostly hands off approach, but liaison with BookBaby or other self publishing platforms. This is your cheapest option and gives you the most personal control.

Custom Book under New Libri imprint

We take on only a few projects under our editing per year. This is the most costly method as we don’t have any economies of scale.

New Libri imprint, mostly outsourced

Instead of liaison, we can do everything, but outsource it. For example, have someone else edit, but we scan the editing for quality. We do the printing through Lightning Source (Ingram). Because it is the New Libri name, we still read the work and determine if we want it under the New Libri name.

Example Books

New Libri sunsetted its traditional model. As part of that sunset we returned the rights to all our authors that wanted them. In the Hybrid model the rights are always yours. Below are a few sample books.

Katar Legacy

by Tobin Loshento

The Katar Legacy is a world where the Katar families have ruled for thousands of years, challenged in power only by the gods and their priesthoods. Their power is drawn from five thousand rings that are usable only by the Katar. The rings draw their power directly from the Ka –life force–of mankind.

The Inheritors

Raised in Chicago’s Latino working class community during the Sixties, Alicia Barron uncovers her mother’s Caucasian roots when she inherits a time-worn mansion, the remnant of the estate of a Chicago industrialist who, she discovers, is her grandfather. Her search of the house takes her into the lives of past generations of women whose love carried them across forbidden boundaries, and into the conflict of class, nationality, and race that is the history of the city itself. The identity she finds there, however, leads to increasing conflict with her first great love, Ricardo Moreno, who wants Alicia to reject her gringo roots.

One Who Loves

We had run out of small talk. The old rowboat held us up, kept us dry, soothed and dissolved, in its slow revolutions, Tess’s fear of the water and my misgivings 

So begins One Who Loves, a novel about the extraordinary conflicts that impinge on seemingly ordinary lives. Liz—passionate but reserved—takes us on her journey as she grapples with crises of love, loyalty, and the inexorable pull of sexual attraction.

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